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External references and links

By decision of 12 May 1998 by LG Hamburg, it stands that by placing a link on one’s website, one is accountable for the contents of the linked site. This may, to the court, only be prevented by expressly distancing oneself from these contents.

On our site we have links to other sites on the internet, the contents and updating of which are not under the influence of this site’s operator. For all these sites it stands that: “The operator has no influence on the design and content of external internet sites. With this, we distance ourselves from the content of all external sites, even if links to these external sites are provided on the part of the operator.” This declaration applies to all links on our website and the contents of all the pages to which the banners on our site lead to.


This disclaimer is part of the website of the operator. If individual formulations or parts of this text are not, or no longer remain valid in full, the remaining terms remain unchanged.